Google seems not to compromise with users’ experience on its video broadcasting platform YouTube at any cost, even at the cost of removing certain format of advertisement.

Lately the search giant has announced to be discontinuing 30-second unskippable ads from next year to make the videos non-annoying.

The TV-style 30-second ads is not a better ads experience for online users, said the company while announcing to be stopping such unskippable ads from 2018.

YouTube spokesperson said in an interview in 2018 the company will focus on such ad formats which work well for users as well as for advertisers.

The TV-style 30-second unskippable ads are ore aligned to offering YouTube viewing experience to the traditional television advertising.

However, the spokesperson also added the video ads won’t be going away completely and users may see mixture of shorter and longer videos. The shorter ads will be much more while viewing compared to total number of advertisements comprising of 6-sec, 15-sec and 20-sec.

Amid all these the primary focus of YouTube is to keep customers engaged and happy on the platform unlike the Facebook that is expanding greatly to highlight videos at every turn.

Born Social strategy director Callum McCahon said, “We know that video is right at the very core of Facebook’s roadmap… Their video offering is becoming ever more attractive to brands by the day, and YouTube is panicking.”