Now that the Wii has been out for a few months, it’s a good time to take a look at its current lineup and take note of what’s worked with the new control scheme and what hasn’t. While Wii’s are still almost impossible to find, it won’t be long before availability improves and an entirely new generation of gamers jump aboard.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has been a best-seller since the Wii’s launch, and for good reason. With stunning visuals and an impressive storyline that immerses gamers into the world of Hyrule for over 50 hours, this title is a must-have. Although the graphics aren’t much of a step above the Gamecube, the game takes advantage of the controls, letting gamers hack and slash with their Wii-mote, as well as draw it back to shoot arrows and reel the nun chuck for fishing.

Another great new title is Sonic and the Secret Rings. While mainstream critics have given the game mediocre reviews, gamers have eaten up the control scheme and overall feel of the game, which is essentially a 3D-version of the old 2D Sonic classics. The game also features a variety of mini games for up to four players, most of which are a blast to play.

Another best-seller is Warioware: Smooth Moves. This is a new entry into the popular franchise that takes complete advantage of the new Wii-mote control scheme, creating party games that are entertaining in one-player mode, but are the most fun with other people. Gamers will have to use the Wii-mote to answer a telephone, as well as hold it on top of their heads to grab virtual fish. Extra points if all of the players follow the picture tutorials of how to hold the Wii-mote for each game.

Avoid: Red Steel, Super Swing Golf, Splinter Cell, and any other animated movie port. Red Steel’s first-person controls are too flawed, and Splinter Cell’s use of the Wii-mote makes for jumbled gaming. Super Swing Golf pales in comparison to Tiger Woods PGA Tour, which makes great use of the Wii-mote for realistic golf swings.

Ports: These are the games that were originally on another system and/or are re-created for the Wii-mote control scheme. These include the Prince of Persia, Godfather: Blackhand Edition, Metal Slug Anthology and SSX Blur. There are others, but they’re hardly worth anyone’s time. These games have been tried and tested. Metal Slug consists of all the classic franchise games. Prince of Persia has already received high praise and the new control scheme only adds to the experience. The same goes for SSX Blur and Godfather, especially if gamers haven’t enjoyed them on previous systems like PS2 and Xbox.

Virtual Console: Classic NES, SNES, Turbographix and Sega games available every Monday. They already include classics like Legend of Zelda (SNES), Mario Kart 64, Toe Jam and Earl and Excitebike. Starting in the summer of 2007, Neo Geo will also be adding games. Games cost between $5 and $20, so their value varies from game to game.