Why Won’t My Eye Contacts Stop Bothering Me

Why Won’t My Eye Contacts Stop Bothering Me


If you wear contacts and your eyes are being a bother, there are many reasons for this. You lifestyle may be to blame or the length of time you have your contacts in is another. Here are some quick solutions to help get your contacts to stop bothering you.

1. Check to make sure they are not old. Contacts come in a daily and weekly variety and some are not disposable ones. Make sure you are throwing away your contacts after the recommended uses. If you are only suppose to wear them for 2 weeks, and are going on 2 months, this may be why your contacts are bothering you.

2. Make sure your hands are clean when you put them in your eyes and take them out. Wash hands well so you do not get bacteria on the contacts that are then transferred onto your eyes.

3. Make sure your contacts are not ripped. A ripped or torn contact can bother the eye. Even if the tear is so tiny you can hardly see it, it can be a pain.

4. Never sleep in your contacts. Your eyes need time to get the fresh air, so after a long day , pop them out and then wear your glasses so air can get to your eyes.

5. Watch how long you wear your contacts. Try to avoid wearing them for lots of hours at a time. Your eyes need time to rest from your contacts, so if you will be gone for several hours, pack your glasses so you can enjoy some glasses time.