Why Opt For Medical Assistant Job

Why Opt For Medical Assistant Job


Training to become a medical assistant is something that people can do from the comfort of their own home. Home training is almost always the study environment of choice for almost everyone. Home study courses can help you learn what you need to know to become a Medical Assistant.

About 62% of all Medical Assistants work in the offices of the standing physician employing them. The job prospectus in this field of work is excellent and this is one of the fastest growing job fields in the employment sector today. From 2008-2018, this field is projected to expand and offer a large amount of new job positions. Training to become a Medical Assistant and passing the exams almost guarantees the prospect of employment.

A Medical Assistant is not a Physician Assistant, as the job of a Medical Assistant details clerical duties like maintaining the office and providing service to a physicians office in an administrative setting.

There are three types of Medical Assistants:

Administrative Medical Assistant

This type of Medical Assistant is in charge of office duties such as medical records, insurance forms, hospital admissions, and laboratory services. They may also be in charge of answering telephones, greeting new patients, scheduling exams, as well as billing and general administrative upkeep of the office area.

Clinical Medical Assistant

This type of Medical Assistant is in charge of taking vital signs, preparing patients for treatment, and assisting physicians during the physical exams of their patients. Sometimes Clinical Medical Assistants are in charge of collecting lab specimens and performing laboratory tests. They dispose of contaminated supplies and sterilize medical instruments. They can and often instruct patients on medication regimens and administer medications. They can remove sutures, change dressings, and more.

Ophthalmic Medical Assistant

This type of medical assistant helps physicians provide eye care to patients. They conduct preliminary tests on patients, instruct patients about proper eye care and contact lenses, and provide assistance to optometrists in the field.

Choosing to train to become any one of these classifications of Medical Assistant is an almost guaranteed form of employment. It’s one of the fastest growing job sectors and is expanding at an ever increasing rate. Medical Assistant training can lead to becoming qualified in higher paying jobs in the medical industry.