Unlike portable humidifiers, which can only adequately deliver moisture to a single room, a whole house humidifier like the HE260 can supply spaces up to 2,800 square feet with soothing moisture. Directly installed into your home’s HVAC system, the HE260 uses a bypass flow-through humidification process to bypass the supply or return airflow. This creates air pressure that draws the airflow into the humidifier and through the moisturized Honeywell humidifier pad HC26A (included).

The humidifier’s PerfectFLO™ water distribution tray then provides fast, thorough humidifier pad saturation for optimal water evaporation and humidification. This process ensures that up to 17 gallons of moisture at a 120-degree plenum temperature is evenly distributed throughout your entire home each day.

For convenient moisture adjustments, the HE260 bypass humidifier comes with the H8908 humidistat control. By properly humidifying your home, you not only protect your family and home from the damaging effects of dry air; you can also save on energy costs. Proper humidification creates a warmer, more comfortable environment at a lower temperature, which allows you to turn down your thermostat and conserve energy.

The Honeywell HE260 Whole House Humidifier is also exceptionally easy to maintain. Every one to three months, simply remove any mineral deposits from the humidifier pad and PerfectFLO™ tray and flush the drain hose to keep your humidifier operating at an optimal level and free of debris and harmful microorganisms.

Installing the HE260

The idea of installing a whole house humidifier system might seem like a daunting task. However, Honeywell has made the process simple and easy to understand. This pre-assembled bypass humidifier mounts easily on either warm air supply or cold air return of any forced-air furnace. A humidifier installation kit (sold separately) is required for installation. The HE260 also comes with an installation video to help ensure that your humidifier is properly connected.