Why Are Online Aptitude Assessments Beneficial During Job Recruitments?

Why Are Online Aptitude Assessments Beneficial During Job Recruitments?


An aptitude test is basically a systematic way of testing a job applicant’s capabilities and abilities to perform specific tasks and situations. There are some standard ways of administration and scoring in such online tests which help the employers to judge the aptitude levels and hence compare among all test takers/ job applicants.

How are aptitude tests designed?

Such online tests are designed to measure one’s work related cognitive capacity. These are time bound tests in which all questions given would have only one answer (i.e. MCQs). Obviously, most of us would get them correct but what they judge by these tests is how much time one takes to answer all the questions correctly. In fact, the time is defined in such a way so that only 1% to 5% of the population would be completely able to solve the aptitude test in that time frame correctly.

Fluid and Crystallized intelligence are tested via Aptitude tests!

These terms are basically used for a number of different abilities of people who interact and work together to produce some desired overall intelligence.

Fluid Intelligence: Ability to think and reason abstractly and thus solve problems instantly. Such people with fluid intelligence are often referred as “Ones thinking quickly on their feet”

Crystallized Intelligence: Ability to learn from past experiences and hence get relevant learning.

Following are the popular general aptitude test available online:

1. Abstract Reasoning Test

It is a unique non-verbal test which mostly uses shapes rather than words or text to measure someone’s fluid intelligence. Such tests include a series of shapes with common logical rules that are applicable. The number of correct answers within given time helps in judging the applicant’s abstract reasoning skills.

2. Verbal Reasoning Test

Again a time bound test that checks your verbal analysis skills like the capacity to quickly identify critical issues from written reports or derives apt conclusions from a set of data or facts. Hence applicants would be asked to study documents and give their view of them.

3. Numerical Reasoning Test

One’s numeric analytical skills are judged. Situations like how one can calculate the complicated figures in a business like financial outcomes or performance figures etc to enhance effective decisions are the main objective behind such reasoning tests.

4. Spatial Reasoning

Normally in business, one is expected to visually manipulate objects for certain job positions. Jobs in which one needs to manage stock in warehouses or any office storage space etc needs such kind of aptitude tests judgments. Many technical graphic problems assessing jobs also would prefer candidates with good reports in such exams.

5. Mechanical Reasoning

One’s mechanical concepts knowledge and problem-solving attitude is judged in this kind of exam. One has to be very much good in mechanical reasoning if needs to be dissolved in a well reputed company.

Hence, any recruiter or employer would be happy to organize an online initial screening of general aptitude test. Only job seekers who perform up to good standards would be further qualifying for an interview or any such screening programs.