For American students, spring break is typically taken in the month of March. Many college students will head off to popular places that will also charge high prices during the spring break season. Since this is not peak season in Europe, prices can be reasonable and this period may present a great opportunity to get travel deals. Many times airfare is cheaper if travel commences before March 31st.

There are many Web sites that offer discounts for teachers and students during spring break period including Student Universe. Student Universe is a site that focuses on students in the US and Canada offering discount rates for airline tickets, hotels, and rail tickets. Student Universe also offers a request for group travel including flights and hotels booked together to accommodate the entire group.

Traditionally, spring break destinations are warm places with beaches and a tropical setting, which is why Florida and Mexico are so popular. During March, it may be cold in many places in Northern Europe, but it still can be an enjoyable vacation with an added sense of a new cultural experience.

Choosing Destination

Europe offers plenty of diversity for all tastes and interests, so there should be something of interest for all travelers. One of the first steps before booking a trip is to decide the activities and sites of interest. Other things to consider include price, duration, and number of travelers. Once all of those things have been considered, it is time to look at destinations.

Northern and Central Europe

For travelers interested in culture and not sunbathing or drinking tropical drinks, cities like London, Paris, Prague and Berlin offer an abundance of history and culture. These places will likely require warm clothes while walking through the squares and piazzas taking in the historical buildings and sites.

Southern Europe

For warmer weather, there are ample amounts of sunshine further south, in places such as Nice, Rome, or Barcelona. These cities will offer plenty of places to explore that will unlikely be covered in 7 days. However, there are companies that have spring break trips for 7 days including STA Travel, which has a similar focus as Student Universe with emphasis on student and teacher travel. These sites and others will also offer longer trips if that is desired.

The Mediterranean

For a more spring break tropical vacation, one can head to southern Spain or take a Mediterranean cruise that hits the countries of Italy, Spain, and Greece. Many of the cities in the Mediterranean coastal towns have warmer weather and beaches to relax and take in the sun. A Mediterranean cruise gives travelers a chance to see many cities in a short period of time.

Luxurious Villas

For a relaxing 7 days in a villa, Wimco offers week long stay in places like Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, or Mykonos. These villas are luxurious so they can be expensive. They do offer specials that can make the price seem more reasonable.

Deciding where to go in Europe may be the most difficult step. Once the vacation is booked, it is just matter of getting on the plane for a enjoyable spring break.