What To Know Before Attending Career Fair

What To Know Before Attending Career Fair


You may be attending a career fair in coming days, but do you know how to gain the most from it. Here are some basic tips to know before attending a career fair.

Career fairs for everyone

You may think the career fairs are only for such attendees who are students at universities, but you are not perfectly right as many public career fairs also welcome career searchers and who could be from any stages as well as all ages. The platform in fact promote networking and you can take advantage of conversations with representatives and recruiters. You can easily explore new opportunities. Experts suggest to treat such platforms as grooming your interview skills and conversation. College students can also land up with a summer internship.

Do research

Before going to a career fair it is suggested to do some basic research like which are the companies attending the event and on which you may be interested. If you have less knowledge about the companies of interest, try to do some homework and find out from friends and relatives or other reliable sources before attending the fair. Try to dig up information like what is the overall business objectives of the companies.

Plan ahead

Jot down list of companies you are looking ahead to speak up with the representatives. Narrow down your target to about five or 10 companies and dedicate enough time talking to them. Print extra copies of your resume before visiting the fair so that you can pass out those to the companies you find interesting.