Top Tips How Teenager Can Drive Safely (Part II)

Top Tips How Teenager Can Drive Safely (Part II)


Top Tips How Teenager Can Drive Safely (Part I)

No phone calls, no texting

It is highly suggested not to make phone calls or indulge into texting while driving. Teenagers should better practice keeping the phone away, probably on the back seat. This will never instigate to make calls or text message.

Use headlights

The new vehicles are lately coming with auto-on headlights. It is said lights improves visibility of your vehicle to the driver coming from front. If your vehicle has no such function, it is suggested to keep the headlight on while driving.

Don’t leave late, don’t rush

It is well said to have enough time to reach your destination. Leaving late means rushing on the road to reach on time to your destination. This increases the possibility of accidents. Don’t practice such Don’t leave late.

Don’t get distracted

Don’t get distracted with music played on the car stereo or noises of passengers. It is suggested to keep the volume of music low and also request others to maintain silence inside the vehicle when you are driving.

Park at space with enough room

Don’t park your vehicle in the congested parking lot. Find space with enough room. Also remember that pulling out is easier than backing out and it also reduces the risk of hitting other vehicles. So park in such a way that you find problem coming out of the place.

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