Neck pain is becoming common and those who work on computer for longer hours every day may experience it frequently. Here are some tips how you can minimize the neck pain:


Health experts always suggest to use a cervical pillow while sleeping as it will give full support to the neck and also keep the head aligned to the spine. It is better to sleep on your back.


If you work on computer for longer hours, it is recommended to keep the screen height at or below eye level slightly. You should feel comfortable at the posture. Also, keep your chin tucked in so that the load of your head is on shoulders and not on neck.


If you are talking over the telephone/mobile phone for long hours or a lot during the day, do not pinch the headset or device between your ear and shoulder. This will risk you of neck pain.


It is proved that those who exercise regularly may suffer less back or neck pain.


Proper nutrition too is required and food experts suggest to include good amount of fruits, veggies and lean meat in your daily dishes. It is also highly recommended to keep yourself hydrated by drinking good amount of water throughout the day.


Never carry heavy brief case, purse or roller bag as these may hurt your neck and you may complain of neck pain.


It is usually suggested to do self-massage of your neck when you feel you have a mild neck pain.