Dry hair is a problem for many woman and below are some tips how to keep the hair healthy.

Cause of Dry Hair

Before finding a solution to dry hair it is important to understand the cause. First off, daily commuting can cause exposure to sunlight which is harmful for the hair, as it burns away the sensitive tissues, leaving the hair coarse and vulnerable to dryness. For this, the best solution is to cover your hair with a hat or a small scarf which will add up to your beauty, as well as protect your lovely hair. Other than this, you can also use hair sunscreen that provides a coat to protect your hair from the rays.

Use of Natural Products

The second responsible factor for your hair getting dry is the excessive use of hair dryers. Most women have no time to let their hair dry naturally so therefore they prefer to use the dryer on high heat to dry the hair as soon as possible. This act leaves the hair burnt and dried. Some also have the craving for having straight hair, and end up blow drying or straightening their hair every other day, which though gives a good look for the time being, but later you would see your hair becoming similar to a broomstick. The solution to this is again to leave your hair dry naturally and not to use any kind of quick treatments.

Keep Hair Healthy

The last and the most important thing is to try using natural products like yogurt, tea leaves, lemon etc to keep your hair healthy. Remember that chemical products may keep your hair only “looking” nice temporarily, but they cannot make your hair healthy. So, care for your hair wisely before they dry up and fade away.