Tips On How To Keep Homes Cooler In Summer

Tips On How To Keep Homes Cooler In Summer


Summers are really hot and humid. Sometimes the weather becomes really uncomfortable, either outside or indoor. We have no direct control outside, but at least can do something indoor to keep the rooms cooler, at least up to 4 degree cooler. Below are some useful tips on how you can keep your homes cooler during summer months:

– Keep the windows closed and locked and repair the games in it.

– Don’t forget to close the blinds and curtains before leaving home.

– Also, don’t forget to repair gaps around doors.

– Keep your door well insulated and weatherstripped. This will help in reducing energy loss.

– Keep the doors and vents open even if any room is not being used. This will keep the air circulating freely throughout the room.

– Use heat generating appliances during the cooler parts of the day.

– Try to use light bulbs that generate less heat energy. You can use LED bulbs instead of CFLs.

– Don’t keep the ceiling fan switched on if no one is in the room. The fans only cool people and not the room.

– Use ceiling fans instead of table fans.

– Use ventilation fan in kitchen and bathroom to use it while cooking or taking shower. It will keep the heat and moisture out.

There are other ways too how you can keep your house cooler in summer. Do share some of those with us and fellow leaders in the below given comment box.