Even though you are getting a handsome salary, you are unable to meet ends. You start living paycheck to paycheck most of the time thereafter. A survey conducted by CareerBuilder finds about 78 percent of the Americans live in such situation at least some of the time. In 2016 condition was for 75 percent people. This mean more and more people are gradually come in the trap of paycheck vicious circle year after year. However, below are some important tips how you can come out of such stressful living:

The first and foremost suggestion is to assess your living situation carefully like whether you can downsize your home and move into a cheaper apartment or can you take public transport instead of drive your car to work. Also, find out whether you can lower the bills of cable, cellphone or WiFi.

The second suggestion is to analyze how your spending your free time like whether you are going to a bar or taking a walk with a friend. Usually boredom costs more. It leads to overspending and so try to spend your non-work time by doing productive things like taking free classes or cooking meals at home.

The third and last suggestion is to find out your bad habits like whether you are alcoholic. Admit your mistakes and take an honest look in the mirror. Quit regular habit of drinking as if you calculate it costs a lot in a year and five years down the lane.