Tips For Travelling To Bali – DOs and DONTs For Bali Tourism

Tips For Travelling To Bali – DOs and DONTs For Bali Tourism


If you want to vising to Bali in Indonesia there are a few tips that you must be aware of beforehand. Tourists find this island very amazing and they also call it a “Paradise” but you must go there with utmost mindfulness to leave with happy memories instead of troubled ones.

  1. Etiquette

One big thing that every tourist must keep in mind is that the culture in Bali is very different from that of any other place, so you must stay respectful or you may offend some people that you do not want to mess with. For this, you must make sure you dress appropriately. The legs and waist must be covered with a scarf of the temple provided there.

  1. General Safety tips

There are a lot of tourists that visit this place and this is the main reason that the number of scammers in the place has increased exponentially. The roads are very busy and often chaotic so you must be aware of your surroundings like keeping your belonging safe and your hotel room locked. You must also keep in mind that you cannot smoke openly in Bali as it is lawfully restricted in many public areas like temples, hotels, tourist attractions, and restaurants.

  1. Currency and Money Exchanging

You must be aware that you exchange your cash from only authorized money changers as others may defraud you by charging a higher exchange rate than usual.

  1. Traveling Tips

If you are looking to travel with the city than there are a lot of options based on the price you are willing to pay but we recommend you to use only blue taxis that are marked as “Bali Taxi” as every other kind of transportation is not assured to charge you a fair price for the commute.

  1. Beach Safety tips

Now that if you are visiting an Island, surfing is kind of a necessity and it can be really fun as well but due to the temperature you need to be sure that you carry a sunscreen when visiting the beach and also make sure that you do not swim in areas that are red-flagged because that may prove fatal and may make the trip a nightmare.

  1. Food Tips

The food in Bali is very tasty but a large number of tourists fall sick due to food poisoning because of the places they eat the food at so you must definitely do research before eating at a place to avoid bad case diarrhoea. If you sick then kindly visit a hospital as soon as possible.

  1. Drug Tips

The drug laws are very strict in Bali, Indonesia as if you are caught with drugs you could serve life imprisonment in jail and if you are caught trafficking then It may mean a death sentence for you so you must be completely away from any kind of drug related activity as police are also very active in these places