Things to Know About Helmet

Things to Know About Helmet


For motorcycle riders, a helmet is the most important piece of safety gear they own, and in some states, owning and using one is mandatory.

But with hundreds of different styles and brands to choose from, how can a new motorcycle rider (or a more experienced one, for that matter) know which lid is right for them? Here are 5 simple tips for finding the perfect Motorcycle helmet:

This is one of the most difficult decisions for new motorcycle riders to make when shopping for a helmet; should they opt for a full-face, or a more open type – like a half or three-quarters (sometimes known as a ‘Jet’) helmet?

Personal preference plays a big role here, but there is no question that, while an open helmet is typically cooler and allows more air flow, a full-face helmet offers the highest level of protection in a wreck.

Sometimes less experienced riders claim that full-face helmets make them feel claustrophobic and restrict their field-of-view, but those are myths – the best way to find out how comfortable a full-face helmet can be is to go try one on at a shop and decide first-hand what works best and feels safest.

Especially for new riders, cost plays an important part in what helmet they eventually choose. Prices for motorcycle helmets can vary widely, from $50 closeouts all the way up to race-replica helmets that are upwards of $700.

All motorcycle helmets, even inexpensive ones, with a DOT or ECE certification will offer protection to a rider in a wreck, but many times more expensive helmets provide safety and comfort features that go above and beyond the minimum standards.

That is not to say it is necessary to spend $600 or more on a helmet. There are plenty of reasonably-priced models by manufacturers like Arai, Shoei, HJC, Suomy many and others that offer upgraded safety and comfort features without breaking the bank.

A new rider should spend as much as they can reasonably afford on a new helmet, provided, of course, it fits comfortably and correctly.