soul trailer

Is All The Human Being Living On The Earth, What We Really Worth To Dying For?

Pixar has brought the new thing in which they are exploring the strange stuff about death. It usually does not take such a subject in all other movies but contains the small thread into previous films, and this Soul’s movie trailer will show you something more about that. Ellie and the mom of Nemo have not made more than 10 minutes into their respective film. The Toy Story epic was about the return from another world in terms of immortality. Coco, who took the young boy to a world that exists beyond. Onward shows the resurrected of his dad from the death bed. Don’t you think it is all so cool? Soul, the latest movie from Pixar, is going to release this summer, has gone beyond the previous storyline. This new release of Pixar is all about what happens to the soul after death and even before one life.

The trailer shows that there is a character named Joe Gardner, who has to die while he is going to celebrate his moment of getting a new gig. Well, he almost died. He is going to his family in a joyful mood after he got a secured job for the lifetime. Before getting a new gig, Joe was the band teacher in middle school and accidentally got his steps fall in the manhole. After some time, Joe finds that his soul gets separated from the body, and he is in the other world. After some time, he realizes that he is dead, he has flipped out and reaches to some different world that is a weird and mystical new world where all the pre-Earth spirits learn new ways to develop their personalities. There he met with the 22-year-old Tina Fey and teamed up with her. She is a soul who has no amusements regarding living on the earth, but Joe tells her about the fascinating things about living. She thoughts that if it’s worth dying to live.