About an hour north of San Diego, California and a little more than an hour south and east of Los Angeles, the oenophile will find Temecula Valley’s wineries and growers. Besides many opportunities for wine-tasting and tours, the area boasts beautiful chaparral, festivals celebrating wine, jazz concerts, and bed and breakfast inns among the vines.


Temecula’s wineries are well-known, supplying some of the best restaurants in the nation and in the world. Many wineries offer wine-tasting events and the Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association provides resources for tours and limousine services. The limo services hire drivers who know the area and can direct you to the wineries that most meet the tastes of the passengers.

Temecula Valley wines include the well-known Callaway and Thornton Wineries. Callaway is famous for its white wines, though it offers red wines, as well. Thornton sparkling wines offer variety and exceptional wines vinted for the sparkling wine enthusiast. These well-known vintners offer world-class wines, but there are many other wineries where excellent wines may be found. The Wilson Creek Winery and Falkner Winery also produce excellent wines as do many other award-winning wines in the Temecula Valley. The wines of the valley represent the best American and California wines.

Scenic Drive

A tour, whether by limo or by car, takes the traveler through an area where Mount San Jacinto presides over the rolling hills and vineyards of the valleys far below. Wine tours are also available which allow the passengers to enjoy the local wines and the desert scenery.

Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival
Each spring, the area hosts the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival. Guests of the festival have the opportunity to peruse and buy local crafts, taste area wines, and hear world-famous music by bands such as Survivor and Lonestar.

Music and Cooking in the Temecula Wine Country

Good music and wine often go together, and Temecula Valley is no exception. In addition to the music heard at the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival, area wineries host local and world-famous artists. Thornton Winery offers a summer jazz series that draws listeners from all over Southern California and beyond. Events that pair wine with music, gourmet food, or both can be found at many of the area’s wineries and other venues. Chefs at some of the wine region’s restaurants often sponsor gourmet cooking classes for those looking to sharpen their skills in the kitchen.

The wineries of Temecula Valley provide many opportunities for touring by car, wine-tasting, and music. Though wine-lovers will enjoy the experience, lovers of excellent music, good food, and beautiful scenery will find much to enjoy here, as well.