The Paralympics at Rio is just days away from now and it is believed the superhuman athletes will have super-cool kit. It is said some more incredible physical feats and some broken records could be witnessed compared to the London 2012.

Below are some of the new technologies to be seen at Rio Paralympics 2016:

Running blade and sports knee

Running blade is without doubt one of the coolest innovations in today’s sport and it is learned sprinter Julie Rogers and triathlete Andy Lewis will be using kit made of Ottobock. The customized running blades of the two are made from 80 layers of carbon fiber.

High tech swim caps

Usually the visually impaired athletes used sound or physical guides to help them in the navigation of their sports, but now Samsung has come up with Blind Cap with the help of Spanish Paralympic Committee. It is learned coaches could send vibration alerts to make athletes know when to turn at the end of the lane.

Carbon body kit

Have you heard of a custom-made carbon fibre body brace that is connected to a racing shoe on the bike. If not, you can see it at Rio Paralympics 2016 to be worn by British champion Megan Giglia. The outfit is called as Ankle-Foot-Orthosis (AFO).

BMW’s wind tunnel bikes

BMW has come up with a new racing wheelchair and team USA will be using it at the Rio Paralympics 2016. The machine has been tested in wind-tunnel conditions and carries a new type of chassis design. It is equipped with advanced carbon fibre construction, braking and steering.