All iPhones come bundled with twenty of the more necessary applications (Apps): calendar, calculator, iTunes, maps and the crucial-to-life You Tube among them. Of the 125,000-plus more available for download, a great number of them are time wasters. Addictive games and “lifestyle” apps in particular are quite popular.

There remain, however, a good many apps that are practical, even useful. Apps that will aid in helping iPhoners’ day run just a little more smoothly. Here are a half dozen plus one that will either come in handy during those everyday emergencies (“where’s the movie section?!” ) or just make your day a little easier.

Seven Useful, Handy, Worthwhile iPhone Apps

Q-Checklists (Aqua Eagle, 99 cents) Of the several dozen “checklist” (or “to do” list) apps, many have this or that little variation to recommend it, depending on the user’s tastes. For folks who desire simplicity, ease of use, and a tutorial, Q-Checklists fits the bill for a great price.

The Weather Channel (Weather Channel, free) Again, there are numerous weather and radar apps available. All things being equal, then, why not go with the professionals? The Weather Channel App covers most of it, and the $3.99 version covers all of it, more than you’ll ever need to know about high pressure fronts.

Evernote (Evernote, free) All-purpose notetaking at its multi-functional best, this app allows storage and organization of text and images, along with file synchronization. Simple yet advanced at the same time, really well done.

Voice Memo (Zarboo, 99cents) Want to write that next chapter of your memoirs while stuck in traffic? This app is one of many voice recorder apps that are virtually identical.

iMovies (Samuel Liard, free, $1.99) What’s playing where and when at your fingertips, along with reviews of all the films currently in theatres nationwide. Updated regularly.

AppBox Pro (ALL ABOUT APPS, 99 cents) Like a Swiss Army Knife, this App does quite a few little things. It does not contain a corkscrew, but it does have a battery life monitor, clinometer, currency converter, flashlight, loan calculator and 12 more handy thingamajigs. Well worth the price.

Wordbook Dictionary (TranCreative Software $1.99) Of the many dictionary apps, Wordbook is recommended not only for its diversity—it has thesaurus, index, anagram search and much more—but for its no-nonsense ease of use.