Review of a Guidebook to Korea

Review of a Guidebook to Korea


Frommer’s South Korea provides an overview of the provinces in Korea, giving any visitor information on where to stay, eat, and what to see in popular Korean destinations. This travel guide is organized by providing the best of South Korea, information on planning a trip to South Korea, and suggested itineraries, followed by overviews of cities in South Korea.

Why are North and South Korea Enemies?

The introduction, of the guide, discusses South Korea’s history and how North and South Korea became enemies. According to Frommer’s South Korea the North and South have been at odds at least since Japan’s invasion and end of World War II. The guide describes South Korea’s industrialization, its beauty, and urges tourists to explore the countryside in addition to the major cities in South Korea. The most popular cities are described, in addition to information on getting passports, visas, and what to pack to visit South Korea. Other details such as, how to make purchases with credit cards and Korean money, Internet connectivity, accommodations, and getting around in South Korea are included in the trip-planning section of the guide.

Visiting Seoul

The city section of the guide begins with an overview of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and South Korea’s city that never sleeps. Seoul is also, according to the Frommer’s guidebook, the second most densely populated city in the world. The guide will help tourists arrive in this crowded city from the airport, by train or by bus, and once there, they will learn how to acclimate themselves to the Seoul and its neighborhoods.

From Seoul to Busan

Each city in the book, contains basics for things to do and places to see, how to get help, medicine, where to find accommodations and how to get information for getting around in the area. Accommodations are listed, beginning with the most expensive to the least expensive. Accommodations in both the major cities, like Seoul and Busan and nearby areas are included in the guide. Likewise, dining areas are listed according to price, from very expensive to inexpensive.

Helpful South Korean Guide book

Travelers will appreciate Frommer’s South Korea’s quick best bests listing in the front of the guide, to find the usual must-see destinations, attractions, temples, historic sites, dining, hotels, and South Korean festivals. The South Korean guidebook also does a good job in giving travelers the tools that they need to seek out their own experiences and make their own travel itineraries in Seoul, Busan and beyond. The appendixes contain information on Korean history, food, the Korean alphabet, pronunciation guide, and common phrases in Korean. This section of the book is particularly helpful because there are many areas outside of Seoul where English is not spoken. Overall, Frommer’s South Korea is worth the investment for tourists who are planning to visit South Korea, and others who plan to live in the area.