Reasons for Migraines. Facts About Migraines

Reasons for Migraines. Facts About Migraines


Many individuals suffer from the agonizing pain of migraine headaches on a daily basis. It’s common for sufferers to live with the anticipation of wondering if something they may do on a certain day will possibly trigger a migraine. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition, although there are certain precautions that individuals can take in order to possibly prevent the symptoms of migraine headaches.

About Migraines

It was once believed that migraine headaches were caused by abnormal blood vessels in the brain. However, according to researchers from, studies have suggested that migraine headaches may be caused by a central nervous disorder. This disorder affects the trigeminal pathway, which stretches from the brain stem to the head. It is said that when the trigeminal pathway goes through nerve cell changes, this releases certain chemicals that dilate blood vessels, which then results in migraine headaches.

As researchers are still investigating the cause of migraine headaches, it is suggested that sufferers take proper precautions in order to prevent their symptoms of migraine headaches. In order for sufferers to take back some control over their lives, they must take time to learn about migraines. There is an array of things that can trigger migraine headaches, which often includes:

-A sudden change in weather (altitude or time zone)
-Medications used daily (birth control and pain pills)
-Lack of sleep
-Excessive exercising
-Skipping meals
-Foods with MSG
-Female hormones
-Glaring lights

Treating the Symptoms of Migraine Headaches

In order for sufferers to treat the symptoms of migraine headaches, they may have to change their entire lifestyle. This is not easy, as there are so many various causes of migraine headaches. However, if individuals can sustain the ability to change their diet, this may greatly reduce their chances of getting migraine headaches.

Migraine Diet

Going on the migraine diet can be extremely effective for those suffering from migraine headaches, although some individuals have found little to no relief from this form of treatment. The migraine diet will consist of eliminating the many food triggers that can often cause migraine headaches. Some of these triggers include; chocolate, caffeine and foods that contain MSG. It is suggested that sufferers try reducing one or two foods at a time, in order to slowly cut out the food items that contain migraine triggers.

Those suffering from the horrible pain that comes with migraine headaches are faced with many daily obstacles, including simple things like wondering what the weather will be like, or if a certain food they ate will trigger another agonizing migraine. Sadly, there is no cure for migraine headaches, although there are certain things individuals can do in order to reduce their symptoms of migraine headaches.