The Raspberry Pi is a phenomenal success and lately the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced 10 million boards have been shipped until now.

The little single board computer (SBC) was only shipped 10,000 units in 2012.

Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton originally entered the tech market to offer a low-cost barebones computer for teaching kids, but surprisingly the grownups too are found showing immense interest.

Ten million is no small number for the tiny and affordable computer in such a short period. It is sold for a maximum tag of $35 for a board only.

To make the Pi work one needs more than the board and the foundation does not sell its own accessories to give users the honors of choosing their own.

However, after 10 million milestone the Pi is getting its own whole kit from the manufacturer. Not to forget, last year the company launched official case for the board.

The kit is learned to be coming in a minimalist box. All the accessories will be white in color.

The accessories are official case, an 8 GB SD card with NOOBS already installed, an optical mouse and keyboard, a 2.5A power supply, and a copy of Adventures in Raspberry Pi.

The new kit comes at a price tag of $132.