Proven Tips To Promote Business With Printed Bookmarks

Proven Tips To Promote Business With Printed Bookmarks


Bookmark printing is one great way of marketing your business without having to spend a lot of money in the process. Considering some suggestions to put together effective custom bookmarks can a go a long way in helping you cut on your marketing costs. One way to save on your budget is to have your bookmarks done by yourself. You can apply ready-made templates which are available online and even in software programs. All you have to do is to customize the template to fit your own marketing requirements. Then you can already print your collaterals with any printing company.

So if you decide to do it yourself, here’s how you can be efficient and yet cost-effective when it comes to your bookmark printing:

1 – Choose a headline that would attract the attention of your readers, as well as keep it. Your headline determines whether your custom bookmarks get read or thrown in the trash. Hence, put enough time and effort to having a headline that makes a mark on your target readers. Just make sure that it embodies all the things you want to say to your target clients; and never give them your company name as a headline.

2 – Give them a strong message that makes them want to act right away on your offer. Don’t make the mistake of giving them a message that they would want to put your bookmark down after reading it. Once they put down your collateral they have an opportunity to dismiss you and forget what you just said. Instead, provide them with a limited offer that they cannot refuse. The aim is to get them to call you or visit your website or your shop within the next few hours or days.

3 – Keep your design clean and free of clutter. The objective of your bookmark printing is to make it easy for your target clients to read and understand what you have to offer so they can act on it right away. Favorably, that is. If you can get your message across as quickly as possible, you have more chances of encouraging your readers to make a favorable decision on your offer.

4 – Finally, double check for accuracy. It doesn’t do you any good to have custom bookmarks with incorrect telephone numbers or even misspelled website address. The moment you get your proof, be sure to check everything accurately. Make sure that all your information is correct before you let your printing company print those 3,000 copies.

Your bookmarks can be one of your strongest marketing tools when done right. You don’t even have to spend much to produce them. You just have to integrate some of the useful tips which you can find online and off, and give your target clients a powerful message that they could not ignore.