For college graduates who are looking for meaningful, community-focused work, not-for-profit organizations can be a valuable option. According to, a non-profit is an “organization formed for the purpose of serving…a public or mutual benefit other than the pursuit or accumulation of profits.” These organizations abide by strict guidelines in order for the government to grant them tax-exempt status.

Many college students may have interned with a non-profit organization in college or during the summers and want to continue to work in this field after graduation. Others may have participated in community service projects or community-based courses and become interested in non-profits due to these connections. Other grads may be looking for a way to use their organizational or management skills for use in an industry that is not a traditional for-profit corporation. Whatever the motivation, a position at a non-profit can provide a rewarding experience and lasting connections for new college graduates.

Where to Find Non-Profit Jobs Online

There are several useful websites that are devoted to non-profit job listings. allows candidates to narrow their search by geographic location, area of interest, part- or full-time preference, education level, and many other factors. This site also lists thousands of volunteer opportunities. provides resources and job listings especially for people with experience or interest in non-profit fundraising or grant writing. The site’s hotline feature lets job searchers ask questions about resume development and job search methods.

How to Use Non-Profit Experience to Find a Job

Non-profit organizations exist everywhere, so it’s easy to use previous experience and connections to find a position for after college.

If community service has already been part of one’s college experience, it can helpful to talk with the administrators of the organization. They may have some recommendations for where to look, and may be able to make a connection with another non-profit.

If the job search is slow, or if a grads arw biding their time in a part-time or temporary position, they should consider volunteering for an organization with whom they share similar priorities or causes. Unpaid volunteer hours can be a great way to gain additional experience, beef up a resume, or even pave the way for a job if a position were to become available.

Additional Resources for a Non-Profit Job Search

Check out the Career Services office on campus well before May or June to find out what their network of non-profit job opportunities is like. Some helpful sites include tips on adapting a resume for a non-profit job search, or provide support throughout the non-profit job search process.