Phasmophobia Update Ghosts 0.6.2 Adds 2!

Phasmophobia has everyone hooked and rightfully so, it is a part of the horror genre that streamers and players enjoy playing. Phasmophobia is bringing a new update to keep its player based hooked and keep the content fresh. Phasmophobia update ghosts are coming and they are a new edition to the game. Let’s discuss more the update.

New update 0.6.2

New update 0.6.2 consists of new content. Phasmophobia update ghosts are coming with a whole new map. Developers, kinetic Games, also bring quality-of-life updates with a fix to bugs and glitches.

Additional information 

To keep the interaction of players and the game new and fresh, a new UI is going to be added. Payers will also have their personalized ID cards and they can displace their new prestige and Role in phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia update ghosts

We do not know what new ghosts hold and what they can offer as the key information is still hidden. Characteristics are still hidden and as we go on future, near the update, we will surely get to know more about the new Phasmophobia update ghosts.

The ghost that we are looking forward to in the new update is related to Romanian Folklore. It is a vampire ghost. It is called Moroi and itPhasmophobia updates ghosts.


In the new update, there is a new reporting system. It has the ability for you to report, and apply filters, bans, and a few more things. It will make the game fairer and provide penalties more efficiently.

Not everyone will face the same penalties, different offences have different penalties. If the offense is not that big the suspension will not be that long. While repeating the same thing will leave in a longer penalty. 


With VR revamp, kinetic Games are looking to bring performance improvement and fix glitches and issues. A new revamp system is going to be available with the support of two grasping choices and headset support.


• New VR is at the centre of the last updates for Phasmophobia. There have been changes to the structure of the whole game.

• With the overhaul to the kitchen in Ridgeview, the lounge, and the map design, they provide an entrance in Tanglewood.

• With the new update, players will have difficulty hiding behind the door while the ghost is on the hunt.

There hasn’t been any news on the release date of the new update but as the information comes out, we will let you know.

Some FAQs

Q- What kind of ghost we can expect in update 0.6.2?

Ans. The ghost that we are looking forward to in the new update is related to Romanian Folklore. It is a vampire ghost. It is called Moroi and it is Phasmophobia update ghosts.

Q- What changes are coming to VR?

Ans. There is a VR revamp that we can see in update 0.6.2. update to the map, and a few palaces that we have mentioned. The new update will make it difficult for players to hide behind doors during ghost haunt.


phasmophobia update brings you a new VR revamp and new UI to keep up things fresh and new quality-of-life updates to the game. Phasmophobia is a horror game that you enjoy with your friends and many streamers are enjoying it so far. We have mentioned all the new features and fixes coming to update 0.6.2 above. I hope you find this article helpful.