The country code top-level domain for North Korea is “.kp” and very few know this as there is reason to it to support why I am mentioning it.

However, before we further reveal about the domain name, it is important to know “.de” is for Germany and there are more than 16 million websites using it like

North Korea has mistakenly revealed only 28 websites are using its “.de” domain name and this is something really small number.

Added shame to the figure is that many of the websites suffixed with “.kp” belongs to state news agency and state newspaper such as or

Some of the other websites on the domain name include social network site, recipe platform named and offering North Korean movies deal with

If you are attempting to check these websites, it is to take note most of them have stopped functioning by Wednesday morning. Probably the websites were not prepared to handle huge traffic after details of the domain name were uploaded on GitHub by researcher Doug Madory at Internet monitor Dyn.

In North Korea only a few thousand of people have access to the Internet as vast majority of the citizens can only access a closed national intranet called Kwangmyong, which is a network of government-approved websites.

Before wrapping it is important to know the question who is the target audience for North Korean domain name websites and the citizens there are unable to access these websites.