noni juice

Do you want a health drink? Do you want a natural supplement for health? If yes, then the noni juice is for you. It is a popular health drink originating from the tropics with wide-ranging good health effects. Noni Juice is believed to have many health benefits in the traditional Tahitian culture, and so does the user world wide. 

The noni juice has wide-ranging health benefits for digestion, heart, and lungs. It is also famous for its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and many more qualities, which make it one of the best natural health drinks. The noni juice is sourced from Morinda Citrifolia that is found in the lava plans of Southeast Asia, India, Australia, Tahiti, and Hawaii. source

In the article, we will tell you about various aspects of the noni juice like its health benefits, side effects, clinical studies, organization approaches like that of the European Food Safety Association. You will also find some other amazing aspects of noni juice in the article. 

Health Benefits of Noni Juice

Noni juice is one of the best forms of many available natural health drinks on the market. Some of noni juice health benefits are:

Noni Juice Packs Antioxidants 

Noni juice is famous among people for its high antioxidant content. It is one of the highest antioxidants containing natural drinks that you can have for health benefits. (1)

The antioxidants have many health benefits for the body, like it prevents the damage caused by the free radical molecules on the cellular levels. This is important as a person requires both the antioxidants and the free radical molecules to maintain good health. Thus the noni juice helps in maintaining the free radical molecules in the body. 

Many types of research on the noni juice suggest that the noni juice’s amazing health benefits are due to its opulent antioxidant content. 

The noni juice’s main antioxidant content are iridoids, Vitamin E, carotene, and Vitamin C. Out of these antioxidants; the iridoids are the one which is seen to display high antioxidant activity during the test-tube research and studies. However, further studies are needed to confirm its effects on human health. 

Other than these studies, it has been seen in many studies and researches that a diet that is opulent in antioxidants lower health risk. Antioxidant opulent diets reduce the risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. 

Reduces Cellular Damage From Tobacco Smoking

Noni juice is one of the best drinks a person can have to reduce the damage due to tobacco smoking. It can minimize the cellular damage in a person; specifically, that is caused by tobacco smoking.

The exposure of the body to tobacco smoke stimulates the generation of free radicals at dangerous levels in a person. Excessive amounts of tobacco smoke exposure can thus lead to cellular damage and, in turn, oxidative stress in a person.

The oxidative stress in humans is related to many health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer in a person. Hence, having the noni juice can improve health and reduce oxidative stress. Many pieces of research and studies have proven that the opulent antioxidant diet helps reduce oxidative stress

In research, 118 ml of noni juice was provided to some hefty tobacco smokers for a period of one month. After one month, the ones who were given the noni juice were seen to have a reduction of up to 30% free radicals of two types in comparison to baseline.

Tobacco smoking is also associated with cancer as some certain chemicals in tobacco smoke; in some cases, bind with cells. This, in turn, leads to the development of the tumor in the body. 

In a clinical trial, it was seen that people who drink 118ml of noni juice on a daily basis have a 45% lower chance of cancer.

Yet, noni juice is not an alternative to quitting, and you must consider quitting tobacco smoking as the best option for health. 

Noni Juice May Support Heart Health In Smokers

Yes, noni juice is a beneficial natural drink for heart health. It helps improve the health of the heart by reducing cholesterol and lowering inflammation. 

Although cholesterol has many vital functions in the body, a certain variety of cholesterol in excess can increase heart disease risk in a person. High cholesterol levels may also increase chronic inflammation in a person. 

In research, it was found that the 188ml of this juice intake on a regular basis may reduce the LDL cholesterol levels. The LDL level reduction was significant after the Noni juice intake. The noni juice also helps in reducing the C-reactive protein that is the inflammatory blood market. 

However, this study’s subjects were hefty smokers, and thus the results of this study can’t be generalized for all. 

In another study, 59ml of noni juice was given twice a day to non-smokers. In this study, it was seen that the noni juice in non-smokers didn’t show any significant improvements. 

Noni Juice May Improve The Endurance In Exercise

Noni juice can improve the body’s endurance in a person. In fact, the islanders from the pacific have a notion about noni fruit that it strengthens the body of a person for long voyages and fishing trips. 

In some research studies also the noni juice was seen to have positive effects on the body during the exercise.

In one study, a group of long-distance runners was given 100ml of noni juice or the placebo for three weeks twice daily. In the study, it was seen that the runners who had noni juice experienced a 21% increase in their average time to fatigue. This suggests an improvement in performance due to this juice. 

One other study on the animals and humans about the juice has shown similar results to the first study. 

The increase in endurance due to the noni juice can be associated with its antioxidant properties. It is believed that the antioxidant properties help in reducing tissue damage, which generally happens during exercise. 

Safety, Side Effects, And Dosage 

The problem with noni juice health impacts that only a few human studies have been done. Further studies and research is needed to ascertain the effects of noni juice. 

When it comes to dosage, it was seen in a study that drinking 750 ml of noni juice daily is safe for healthy adults. This dosage of noni juice in the healthy adults didn’t show any adverse side effects.  

However, in 2005 in Europe, a few cases of liver toxicity were reported from the intake of noni juice. After a thorough re-evaluation of the noni fruit and juice, the European Food Safety Authority said that it is safe to drink. The EFSA concluded that the liver toxicity was not the result of noni juice alone but the combination of many factors. 

Later in 2009, EFSA issued one more statement to confirm the safety of noni juice for the general people. Although the experts from EFSA also reported that some particular individuals might face liver sensitivity or toxicity effects from noni juice. 

In addition to liver toxicity, people with any type of kidney disease or issues are advised to avoid the intake of noni juice. This is because the noni juice is opulent in potassium content and thus may lead to unsafe levels of potassium in the blood. 

One more problem which you may face is that of noni juice interacting with other medications. It may interact with the medication like those used to treat slow blood clotting or the blood pressure in a person. Thus it is vital to consult your doctor or a health professional before going for this juice. 

Sugar Content

The sugar content of noni juice may vary from brand to brand. In some cases, the noni juice is also mixed with other sweet fruits to reduce its bitterness. 

This makes it important to know the sugar content of the brand you are using before intaking. It is more needed, as many studies have shown that the intake of sugar-sweet drinks can increase the risk of health issues like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and diabetes type 2. 

Bottom Line

Noni Juice is a product derived from a Southeast Asian Fruit. This juice is specifically opulent in vitamin C and may offer health benefits like anti-inflammatory and those from antioxidants. However, more research and study is needed on it to ascertain these facts. 

If you go for this juice, always remember that the commercially available variants of this juice may have high sugar content. In some cases, they may also contain other by-products like other fruit juices. 

In the article, you will find all the information which you want for noni juice. Other than health benefits, we have also put together a list of noni juice side effects in the article. 

What are your thoughts on drinking noni juice? Have you ever tried it? Or Are you going to try it after knowing its benefits? Please do, let us know in the comment box about all your thoughts on this juice.