Nintendo confirmed venturing on 5G but with caution

Nintendo is learned to be venturing on 5G technology clubbed with cloud streaming, but its representatives said during the recent 79th Annual General Meeting for Shareholders that they would not simply chase the trend.

Almost all the major players in the gaming industry including Microsoft, Sony and Google are focusing heavily on the upcoming new era fifth-generation technology.

Nintendo is currently not promoting plans for 5G, but this does not mean the company is ignoring the technology of the next generation.

Nintendo representative Shigeru Miyamoto assured during the meet that they are working on new technology including 5G, VR and cloud streaming.

He added, “5G can send a large amount of data without latency. We are aware that this technology has been gaining a lot of attention, and Nintendo is also investigating it.”

Nintendo will not be seen jumping immediately into the 5G technology but would initially think over about how the new era technology is being applied to the gameplay.

As of now, it is learned the gaming console company is experimenting with streaming cloud-based games that require a high-quality WiFi connection. This means 5G would serve the purpose. However, there needs to be sufficient demand for the new technology before the company decides to go ahead further.

5G is only made commercially available in a handful of cities.