Is Yeast Making You Fat?

Is Yeast Making You Fat?


If you have never been able to lose weight no matter what you do then yeast could be your problem. True, fad diets can cause weight to come and go but for many people the weight will simply not budge – no matter what they do. And it’s more common a problem than you may think.

“Over 90% of the people I see who have never been able to lose weight have a yeast problem,” states Dr. Victoria Homer, a naturopath in Helena, MT.

Candida can affect the body in many ways: reoccurring yeast infections in women, achey joints, brain fog, PMS and not being able to lose weight, along with many others. And while getting rid of the yeast in your system will take some time, it can be done.

Many people who have never ben able to lose weight and keep it off have been able to do so upon completing a yeast cleanse. One woman lost 45 pounds in three months on the cleanse and got rid of various other problems including diabetes. Two other individuals on the yeast cleanse lost 10 pounds in the first week.

The Yeast Cleanse Diet

Aqua Flora – this comes in 3 strengths and while there are other yeast cleanse products on the market this is the one recommended by Dr. Homer and personally used by the author. You can purchase this at your local health store or at Vitacost. It will take at least 3 months to clear the yeast out of your system.

Foods to Avoid

No sugar! Use only the natural herb stevia or small amounts of agave.

Artificial sweeteners – no Splenda or Aspartame

No nitrites – no processed meats – bacon, sausage, lunchmeat, hotdogs

No wheat, flour or white rice

No fruits the first month – afterwords granny smith apples or lemons – 1 daily

No peanuts or cashews

No hard cheeses

No coffee

No vinegar except raw apple cider vinegar

Avoid grains especially the first month – then use whole grains moderately

Milk in moderation – if you tolerate it

No corn, potatoes and peas. No legumes the first month then 1 – 3 times a week.

Avoid meats with hormones or antibiotics

No yeast products

Yeast Diet Do’s

Do drink LOTS of water – this is a must when detoxing

Do exercise – even if you can only walk 5 minutes a day

Do eat lots of veggies

Do use a probiotic to put good bacteria back into your system

Do use microfiltered whey (Jarrow’s is a good choice, also at Vitacost), inulin and selenium

Do use virgin coconut oil – 3 tablespoons daily

Remember, everyone is different. You may only lose 10 pounds where someone else may lose 40 pounds or more. Often the more you have to lose the faster you lose it. And while you don’t want to over indulge in any food this isn’t a restricted calorie diet. You can eat vegetables, good meat, eggs until you are full.

Expect to experience a die-off affect as the yeast starts to die. Some people feel flu-like symptoms, others get itchey, and some crave carbohydrates. When you experience symptoms like these it means the cleanse is working. This is an excellent diet for diabetics as it is very low carb

Please be sure and check with your doctor before starting any cleanse or diet. This article does not constitute medical advice.