From Bingo and Go Fish to baseball and painting math, the many arithmetic games listed below provide hours of educational fun for children. Chances are, they won’t even know they are learning!

The following websites offer free educational and entertaining online and offline addition games for children.

Free Online Addition Games:

Fun School Kaboose Paint Brush Math – This online game combines math and art. To play, paint the black and white picture by adding the equations in the image. The sum provides the accurate color.

Weekly Reader Add Like Mad – This fun online game requires Flash. To play, add as many numbers as possible in the box to come up with the sum located underneath the word “Number”. This fast-paced addition game is timed. To easily locate this game from homepage, click the “Kids” icon, and the “Games and Puzzles” link in the left menu.

Fun School Kaboose Math Popper – This is another fun math game from Fun School Kaboose. To play, pop the balloons with the correct answer before time runs out. Players must get 5 correct answers in a row. This addition game is much harder than it appears.
Dositey Basic Addition Facts – In this online game from Dositey, the player picks 2 random numbers as the game adds them up. Adobe Shockwave required (free download).

Fun School Kaboose Addition Attack – This game is a keeper! This fantastically fun math game requires addition skills and a fast hand. As the space ships move closer and closer to Earth, players must add the single and double-digit numbers and shoot the correct spaceship answer before it’s too late. Reminiscent of a popular computer game from years ago.

Fun School Kaboose Dr Brain’s Robot – This timed math game is sure to be a big hit! Solve the addition problems by picking up the chips and putting them in the Robot’s head. Don’t forget to hit the “Activate” button. Hurry, time is running out!

Free Math Downloads:

Funny Math for Kids 2+2 – This award-winning downloadable game is a wonderful addition to any classroom or family. Funny Math for Kids developed this free download which includes counting, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication activities for children. Over 20 different math activities with different levels are included. Included music is a wonderful bonus. A must have for all ages and highly recommended.

Lattice Works Penny Penguin’s Math Bingo – Penny Penguin Math Bingo from Lattice Works is a fun and free downloadable Bingo game for young children. Play with a friend or play against the computer. The free version includes only addition of small numbers.

Lattice Works Roxie’s Math Fish – Roxie’s Math Fish is another fun downloadable game from Lattice Works. Similar to the traditional card game Go Fish, but this game includes mathematical problems. The free version only includes simple addition.