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Whenever you buy a new TV, there are two options presented to you, one is to keep that TV on a stand and the other one is to mount the TV on the wall. As per our experience, we would say that mounting the TV on the wall is the best option as by that method you can easily hide all the wires that look visually ugly and you also have more space. Fortunately, mounting a TV to drywall is a very easy process that every person can do.

Tools and materials required

Before going into the whole process, there are a few things that you will be requiring during the process that you must keep in hand:

  • Outlet cover
  • TV wiring kit or raceway
  • Washers
  • Pencil
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Wall mount or bolt
  • TV

Finding the Right TV Mount

In order to mount a TV to the drywall, you will need to buy a TV mount and in order to so, you can simply go online or visit a store near your place. The actual mount depends on the size of your TV. While doing this there are two options for you to buy, one is Flat Mount and the other is a swivel mount. In our opinion swivel mounts are more convenient and let you see the TV properly regardless of your position in the room.

Deciding a location

This step is pretty basic and important at the same time, you have to decide on a place where you will mount your TV. This is completely your decision but you need to keep certain things in mind and one of these things is the wires. The key reason most people choose to mount their TV on the drywall is to hide the wires but if yours is not the same case, you can just use a place where you can watch the TV easily at eye-level when you sit down.

For the normal case, if you are looking to hide the wires the installation becomes a little more complex. So, to do so it is the best option to hire a professional so that the job is done appropriately.

Finding the studs

Drywall can only hold small size TVs that are 19 inches or less, but we are all aware that most TVs that are available in the market right now and are famous will be much larger. So, in order to Mount the TV, you will need to find the studs in your drywall. If the suds are not marked you will need to use the stud finder to locate these studs and Mount the TV. If in the case that you are not able to find these suds or you do not have a stud finder, you will need to follow the following tips:

  • Gently knock on the wall and listen to the sound, if this sound is Hollow then avoid that place and if it is solid then you have found a stud.
  • Generally, suds are 16 from each other, if you locate one that you can easily find another one by measuring the distance equal to 16 inches in the direction to find the other.

Attaching TV Mount to wall

  1. Place your mount on the wall at the desired place
  2. Note the areas where you will have to create a hole on the wall by using a pencil.
  3. Put the mount back down and drill holes in those marked areas in the wall.
  4. Take the mount and fix it into the wall, make sure that it is steady and not lose so that the weight of the TV does not make it fall.
  5. Place the level on the mount if it is not level then you will have to adjust the mount. You can even use additional washers and bolts to make sure that the mount is firmly attached to the wall.

Cut holes in drywall for wires

For hiding your wires, you will need to use a drill and cut holes into the wall so that the wires could be adjusted on those walls and are hidden easily. Keep in mind that you must do so only if you are certain that the electricity source is not nearby, if it is nearby then it is wise to hire an electrician for the job.

Mounting the TV

After this process, all you need to do is follow the mount’s manual and connect all the pieces so that your TV can get attached to do it.