Ramadan is a refresher course for Muslims to remind themselves of how a good human being and Muslim is supposed to be in life. Therefore, whatever little one takes from Ramadan can only add value to one’s life in general.

The key is to begin working towards a successful Ramadan as soon as one realizes and then carry on with the learnings throughout the year.

Ramadan Already Started, But Late Is Better Than Never

Once it is realized that Ramadan has already started and one has not been participating in spiritually uplifting activities, it is best to be glad that the realization dawned at last.

It is never too late to adopt goodness in life. Do not be dejected by the fact that one has wasted time and never wait for the next Ramadan to start afresh.

Tips On Making Ramadan Better From Today

Grab a paper and pen and treat Ramadan as a project like any other. Just as the project and deadline given by a boss at work is taken seriously, Muslims can work on this project methodically and with focus.

Pinpoint weaknesses and ask what things can be changed this Ramadan in order to be a better person. Jot it down on paper and stick it to your bedroom door, dressing table mirror or laptop for constant reminder.
Read the Quran every day with translation so that the Islamic teachings can be repeatedly reminded of.
Try to catch up with taraweeh (Ramadan prayers at night) and carry on with it throughout the month.
Spend on others – this includes relatives, neighbors, orphans and needy.

Take a few days off for Laylatul Qadr (The special nights during Ramadan when Quran is believed to have been revealed). It is Islamic belief that these nights carry more rewards than other nights of Ramadan. Cash in on this opportunity and compensate for any opportunities that were missed during the earlier part of this Muslim observance.