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Hello creative people, today we will be learning about how to make cactus string art easily and do it like a professional. So, without wasting much time let’s get started.

Saguaro String Art

It is a very famous string art as the entire shape of a Saguaro cactus is very iconic, beautiful, and yet so simple. If you are looking for any kind of string art creation this could be the best choice there is. Obviously, string art is a very old creation but in the recent past, string art has been gaining popularity. This boost in popularity is no shock, because of the ease of making this art along with its really interesting finished product.

Gather the supplies

Before beginning the entire process of the creation, it is important to gather all the required items that you will need during the process so that it is not hindered later on. The first thing that you would need to do is to describe whether you would want the string art leaning on a shelf or hanging on display. If you are looking to hang it, you will additionally require a glue gun and a piece of twine to attach a Hanger to its back. Alternatively, you could also use plaque which already has a hanger.

Things you will need

  • Glue gun and Twine (optional)
  • a pink yarn
  • green embroidery thread
  • pencil
  • hammer
  • 5/8 inch nails
  • wood plaque

Sketch the design

On the face of your wood plaque, you have to first draw the complete sketch of the saguaro cactus using a pencil. Make sure that the outline is not too dark.

Outline it with nails

After you have created a sketch of the cactus design, the next step is to hammer nails along the outline of your cactus. Make sure to have those nails at least ¼ inch apart in distance. In the curved areas, you can place the nails closer than this in order to achieve perfect a curved line.

Follow the outline with thread

Take the thread and tie the end of this thread to one of the nails. After this, you have to swiftly follow the thread along each mail side by side until you have wrapped the thread all over your design. Without wrapping this properly, the string would get loose which in turn can make your art lose its shape.

Crisscross your thread

After you have followed through the thread along with each nail completely, using the same thread you now have to Crisscross the thread inside the cactus to fill it up. During this process, you have to go forth up and down and back and forth until you have reached a sufficient amount of color requirement.

Secure the Thread

After completion of the crisscrossing process, you will have to tie the end of the thread to any of the nails and secure it tightly.

Make a pom pom

In order to provide some extra special touch, you can even add a flower to your cactus by making a pom pom using the pink yarn.

Tie the yarn

Wrap the yarn around your three figures and flip them off your fingers before ties them together in the center using a piece of yarn.

Cut the loops

Using a scissor, trim the loops on either end until you have a nice round shape of the pom pom but make sure it is still intact.

Attach your pom pom to the cactus

Using the end of the thread in the pom pom attach it is onto the cactus.