Newsletters are one of the best ways to promote your products and services, but how to lure people to subscriber is a big question. Below are some suggestions:

It is always suggested to have a user-friendly sign-up form to attract more people to subscribe your newsletter. Don’t ask too many questions in the form and make it as simple as possible. Limit the entries to name, email address and one or two more fields. Don’t ask something which is very personal.

It is also suggested to embed the form on your website. It may not be overlooked if you place is at the right place like in the sidebar, below the header or at footer. Don’t embed inside any content.

It is better if you can promote the newsletter on other platforms too apart from your website like on social media sites. Title the form like “Don’t miss out. Sign up to stay in the know.”

You can also encourage people to sign up by offering some sort of incentives like offering 10 percent discount on products or services from your website. You can also host a giveaway and pick winner from the subscribers.

It is also alerted not to spam people. Don’t force them to subscriber to your newsletter. Also, don’t forget to feature an unsubscribe link in the newsletter as some of the subscribers may feel not to continue receiving the notifications. They should easily quit themselves from the mailer list.