How to Install Glass Blocks

How to Install Glass Blocks

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Glass doors are great building materials that provide functionality and security at your place. You can install glass blocks in your bathroom or basement which apart from providing additional luxury to your indoor spaces could also act as a privacy mechanism if a simple window treatment is not enough. In this guide, we will be walking you through easy steps on how to install glass block windows in your home easily.


Whether you are installing a glass block wall or a window, the first and foremost step is to measure the size of the glass blocks before moving further. To do so, you have to use a tape measure to measure the area where you are planning to install glass blocks.

After which you can use a level to even out the space of the installation. It is also recommended to draw a diagram beforehand, to get a foundation for installing glass blocks in your kitchen, bathroom, or windows.

Install the right block

There are different types of glass blocks available in the market and you must choose the most suitable one for you. The most common sizes of Glass blocks are 5.75- x 5.75-inch and 7.75- x 7.75-inch.

In the manner of privacy, depending upon the level of privacy you are seeking from the glass blocks themselves, you must choose a glass block that has an Opaque glass and stronger pattern so that you could have enhanced security. Along with this, you could also look for some design glass blocks to enhance your home decor.

Make the glass block mortar

At a time of buying cement and other required items for mixing the glass block mortar for this project, there would be detailed instructions on how to make the mortar and you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for doing so. Generally, it is recommended to mix sand, mortar cement, masonry cement, with water for making this.

Applying the mortar to the surface

The next step is to use a trowel to apply a sheet of mortar to stable the surface.

Position the glass blocks to the surface

Gradually position every single glass block one by one and level as you work.

Reinforce during the installation

During the installation process, you must keep in mind to fix anchors and reinforce rods every 2 feet so that there are sufficient stability and strength to your project.

Clean the Residue

After some time, you must now use a damp cloth to clean any remaining mortar residue off the faces of the blocks.