The 2017 is a year of difference. Casino tycoon Donald Trump is the new President of United States and United Kingdom is on the brink of starting a negotiation with European Union to quit the bloc. The year is different as citizens of both the nations are hoping to see a new horizon and here is a good tip on how you can wish for more in life by earning more through an affiliate marketing program.

As a newbie blogger you need to know several things about it to make a decent earning. Let’s start and first of all try to explain what is affiliate marketing, which may be of course the most basic question in your mind.

In simple terms affiliate marketing is a good way to earn a commission for recommending products or services to your readers. There are many platforms that offer Affiliate Commissions and Amazon is the most famous of them all.

Let me explain it in a bit elaborating way. First find a product you want to promote on your blog and thereafter sign for its affiliate program. Get a special link from the platform and place it on your blog or webpage. This link helps the merchant in tracking the people who clicked on it. If the person who clicked on the link decide to buy the product, you get your pre-defined commission.

There are several ways to track affiliates and the most common one is by tracking it via a cookie, which is a small filed stored on the computer of visitors to let the manufacturer know a reader of your blog has bought the product, if the sale is made.

While choosing a product to promote on your blog, it is important to know whether the product is relevant to your audience. One example of an affiliate site is, a website that promotes websites that offer betting content. Next to know is whether the buying process is easy for visitors and you are quoted with getting ample affiliate commission.

It is also important to know the duration of cookies being used like a 24 hour period may not be helpful compared to 90 days or more time. This mean if a cookie is valid for 24 hours and the sale is made after the period, you don’t get commission.