How To Download, Install and Setup Ventrilo for World of Warcraft

Ventrilo is bound to come up at some point with players in the World of Warcraft. It is a very useful tool that encourages and greatly enhances teamwork and social interaction. For the person not hosting it’s absolutely free. It’s very easy to download and requires very little in the way of computer requirements. This step by step guide will make the whole process very easy to download, install and setup.

How to Download the Latest Version of Ventrilo

The first key to downloading the latest version is noting that it is spelled ventrilo versus ventrillo. Only one l. Watch out for virus and scam sites that are not the correct ones. The official site to download from is Once at the home page of the site, there is a menu on the left side with the option download (see image).

For those looking for the free version where they can use it based on other people’s information, download only the appropriate client version for your computer system. For those who want to host their own server, they will need a client version as well as the server version. (Please note that this guide only covers the client version. For further instruction on hosting your own platform with ventrilo, please visit their website for more information and tutorials.)

On the next page, read the laws and ensure you can comply with all of them. As of March 2, 2011, the latest version is 3.0.8 but this will change continuously. If this is a new or fresh installation, it will automatically download the latest version available.

Next, a window will pop up (enabling pop-ups may need to be temporarily turned on or enabled for this site during installation) asking for the option to run, save, or cancel. The best option in case something should get interrupted later on in the process is to choose save.

Installing Ventrilo is Quick and Easy

While it’s downloading, unclick the little block saying “close this dialog box when the download completes” so that you can click on the button Open Folder when it completes. It eliminates having to go through other folders to open it. Double click on the new file. Choose to allow for any security questions that may arise associated with ventrilo.

Installation window > next
I accept > next
Choose destination folder > next
Ready to install > next (last chance to change anything)

Installation of ventrilo is officially complete. The last step is to learn how to set it up for use to interact with others in the World of Warcraft and other online games and interactions.

Setting up Server Name, Port, IP and Passwords for Connecting to Ventrilo

This is the part most people get lost or confused on. To simplify the process, this step-by-step guide makes it quick and easy to understand. All it takes is once and after that, you’ll be switching servers like a pro and wondering why others find it so hard to figure out.

Double click the desktop icon for ventrilo to start it. Unlike past versions, this one and more than likely, future ones to come, have a tutorial option. The choice is yours. This guide should provide everything you need to know to get started but not having gone through the tutorial, it may be of more or less help to you depending on needs or preferences of media. The choice is all yours.

Next the screen will be blank with user name, server, binding on the top with small arrows to scroll down as well as small arrows to the right of each of those. There also will be boxes to the right of a large empty white box saying comment, chat, setup, about, close and help.

Step 1: Click the smaller arror pointing right of the user nameSelect new and type the toon name most used, nickname or other reference you want other people to associate with you.

Step 2: Phonetic: Type out how step #1 sounds, i.e. Stephanie would be, stehfahnee

Don’t worry about description or work dir and press ok.

**These next steps will only work if you have a host’s sever information available such as your guild’s vent info or a friend’s that you want to use or test it with.

Step 3: Click on the right arrow next to the server and select new. Type the name of the person hosting or the guild name. Just make sure it’s a reference in which you will be able to remember which it belongs to because before long, the amount of servers contained in your vent can add up.

Step 4: Enter the hostname or IP information.

Step 5: Enter the port number.

Step 6: Enter the password if there is one associated with the host. There isn’t a requirement and some hosts choose not to have one. For newer users unused to online lingo, if in the information spam (set of information given in a quick one step in a chat window) is says PW: no PW, this equates to no password so simply leave this step blank.

Leave default channel blank and leave the boxes checked or unchecked as is. Press ok. Assuming all the information given is accurate and working and all the information has been imputed correctly, all there is left to do is to click the connect button.

Other Useful Information For Working with Ventrilo; Volume, Microphone and Speakers

Once connected, other names and channels or rooms will shows up in the white box. To change or get into other rooms shown, double click the name of the desired location. To adjust the volume on only a specific person, right click on their name in the box, go to options> special effects> volume> adjust volume and set it per your preference.

It’s important to note that users don’t need a microphone to use vent. All you need is speakers so that you can hear others give directions and explain how a fight works so that you can understand what the raid leader expects out of the group. If you want to participate by talking, then the purchase of a microphone will have to be included.

Another thing to remember is that while vent is running, it is helpful to go into the user interface and turn down the ambient and game volume so that the volume of people talking in vent is not competing with the sounds and effects from the game as well.

Questions, Comments and Information for Ventrilo

Hopefully, this guide will help make the process of getting ventrilo easier and setting it a breeze. If there are any questions not relating to computer technician problems, I would be willing to try and help. If there are other comments or suggestions, feel free to help others out here as well. Many people find vent as fun as using the phone only much cheaper while playing their computer games. Good luck and have fun!