These days, spending money at the salon is not the only way to achieve pretty fingernails. With a variety of do-it-yourself manicure tools on the market, even the worst nail biter can boast long, elegant nails at a fraction of the cost. Give yourself a convenient at-home manicure with artificial tips to add length and style to stubby, bitten fingernails.

Tools for Your At-Home Manicure

Nail polish remover, nail clippers, nail file, cuticle oil, orange stick, cuticle clippers, artificial nail glue, white artificial nail tips in various sizes, nail buffer, light pink nail polish, clear base coat, clear topcoat.

You can buy these items at most drugstores, beauty supply shops, and online.

Beginning Your Home Manicure

Prep your fingernails by removing any existing nail polish. If necessary, trim your nails so that they are no longer than the tip of your finger.
Use cuticle oil to soften your cuticles before gently pushing them back with an orange stick. If your cuticles are ragged, use the cuticle clippers to trim them back. This gives the nail a more elongated appearance and helps create a polished look.
Use the nail file to lightly rough up the area of the nail where you will be placing the artificial tip. One or two swipes should suffice; stop once the surface of the nail is no longer “shiny.” This helps the artificial tip adhere to your nail. Thoroughly wipe away any filings.
How to Apply Artificial Nail Tips
Select an appropriately sized artificial tip for each nail. It may be necessary to file the edges to ensure the correct fit. To help the application process go more smoothly, arrange the artificial nail tips in order on an easily accessible surface.
Begin with the little finger on your dominant hand. Draw a thin line of nail glue along the tip of your natural nail and firmly place the corresponding artificial nail tip over it. Press and hold for ten seconds. If the glue comes into contact with your skin, wipe it away immediately. Repeat until you have completed the hand.
Use the nail clippers to trim the tips to the desired length. To do this, make a small snip on each side of the artificial tip and twist off the excess. Use a file to smooth any rough edges and to finish shaping the nail.
Repeat steps two and three on the opposite hand.
Carefully file the surface of the artificial nail so that it “blends” into your natural nail, then use a buffer to smooth out any lasting ridges or unevenness.