The cabin air filter is a relatively new car feature that, much like a home air cleaner, traps airborne contaminants such as dust, dirt, and pollen before entering the car’s interior. It’s a great feature for those who suffer from allergies, and for overall health. It’s also very easy for the average driver to replace.

According to the Honda Fit owner’s manual, this part should be inspected and/or replaced every 15,000 miles (or more frequently in particularly dusty or pollinated areas). The price for repairing it at the dealership can run upwards of $88 – but the owner can opt to do it him- or herself for less than the cost of dinner for two at a fast food restaurant or the number one box office hit at the movie theater. Here’s how.

Purchase a New Cabin Air Filter for the Honda Fit
Cabin air filters for the Honda Fit are difficult to track down, which is probably the reason dealerships charge so much for installation. But go into any auto shop such as Trak Auto, O’Reilly, Auto Zone, or NAPA Auto Parts and request the purchase. They will gladly order the part and tell you when it is expected to be delivered to their store. From there, all the driver must do is pick it up at the auto store and take it home. Some products may even provide directions for installation.

Install New Air Cleaner in the Honda Fit

While many dealerships and mechanics typically charge seven times more for the installation of a new Honda Fit cabin air filter, the average driver who knows nothing about car repair can easily perform the work. The car part is located behind the glove compartment on the Honda Fit, but the driver must perform several important tasks before replacing the air cleaner.

Before beginning the auto repair, open the glove compartment and clean it out, setting all personal belongings on the driver’s seat. Now locate the tabs on either side of the glove compartment’s interior. Push inward on both sides to disengage the retainers and lower the unit. Because the filter is covered, it is not recognizable right away. Remove the cover, then remove the dirty filter.

Place the dirty air cleaner on the ground. Unpack the new one, then install it through the glove compartment opening. Make sure to place it in the proper direction face down (use the downward pointing Air Flow arrow on the filter for reference). Replace the filter cover, then once again push tabs on either side of the glove compartment to raise it back into place. Release tabs, then replace personal belongings back into glove compartment.