Buying the right sleep pillow can be just as important as finding the right sleep mattress. A good sleep pillow can go a long way in providing many hours of blissful sleep. Finding the right size, filling and level of firmness is essential in maintaining proper neck and back support as well as providing the sleeper with most sensual sleep experience money can buy.

By taking the time to learn the basics of pillow comfort and support , the sleeper can compliment his or her brand new sleep mattress with a pillow they can gently rest their head upon.

Choosing a Pillow Size

Pillow sizes differ in length only. Although the size of the bed may play a role in choosing the size of the pillow, finding the right pillow length is mainly an issue of what feels the most comfortable for the sleeper. Hence, finding the right size is a matter of experimenting until one is found to provide the most relaxing, pleasurable sleep experience.

Pillow sizes include: Standard (20″x26″), Jumbo (20″X28″), Queen (20″X30″) and King (20″X36″)

Choosing a Pillow Filling

Pillow fillings are either made from natural, synthetic or combined natural-synthetic material. Natural materials tend to be softer, warmer and mould easily around the neck and shoulders. Synthetic materials tend to be hypo-allergenic, provide more resistance to mold, and offer more firmness and support.

Common natural fillings: down and feather, cotton, wool and buckwheat hull
Common synthetic fillings: memory foam, latex, and polyester
Choosing a Pillow Firmness

A good pillow prevents neck, shoulder and back pain by maintaining the natural curvature of the spine. The sleeper’s neck remains properly aligned with the spine by choosing a pillow that is thicker at the neck and thinner at the head.

A pillow’s firmness ranges from soft, medium to hard. The sleeper’s most common sleep position throughout the night determines how firm the pillow needs to be in order to maintain neck/spine alignment. A soft pillow is best suited for individuals who sleep on their stomach, a medium pillow for those who sleep on their back while a hard pillow works best for side-sleepers.

Falling asleep in a warm, cozy bed can be a great way to renew mind, body and soul. And just as the right sleep mattress can significantly enhance a good night’s sleep, so can the right sleep pillow. Taking the time to choose the right pillow size, filling and level of firmness is one of many important factors to consider when getting a good night’s rest.