Data saving is one of the major calls for smartphone users in developing countries like India where data connectivity is poor in many parts of the country. Google is soon to come with a believed-to-be-proper answer with some new features to its Android version of Chrome browser.

Google is found to be claiming the new features in Chrome could solve the problem and likely to be useful to many users across developing countries and in the US too.

It is learned the Data Saver mode would compress video and if believed to reports about 67 percent less data would be used. If a smartphone is being used on a 2G or equivalent network, the browser would be displaying automatically streamlined versions of web pages, claimed to be loading to 2x fast as well as save more than 90 percent of data usage.

Google has added a new download feature that is more useful even when there is no connectivity. Entire web pages can be downloaded including music, video and pictures for access later. The download resumes automatically when the connectivity is interrupted.

The search engine giant is coming up with content discovery too. It will recommend and download as well the pages that one would access later without connectivity.

Initially Google will be recommending the content based on locally popular stuff, but later would personalize those.

The new features are to hit in mid-October.