How Adjustable Dumbbells Are Versatile

How Adjustable Dumbbells Are Versatile


Adjustable dumbbells give you a terrific workout by helping you create strength, endurance and definition. By using weight on a regular basis you can definitely change the shape of your body.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to use adjustable dumbbells:

Muscular Definition

Using adjustable dumbbells makes your muscles working harder to complete each movement. They are working hard, stressing the muscles and building muscle tissues. The harder they work, the stronger and more defined they become and the less fat and flab you have as it is being replaced by lean muscle tissue.

Easy to Store

With adjustable dumbbells you only need to store one set of weights. No more bulky sets of multiple weights and sizes as they are all conveniently packaged in one set. They take up very little room and are easily stored in a closet, under the bed or in a cabinet on a shelf.

Easy to Adjust

Adjustable dumbbells are easy to change. No more heavy lifting and removing of plates and adding new ones. With a simple turn of dial you can set the weight exactly as you want, in as little as 2.5 pound increments. No more having to stop your routine to re set the weights. It is so easy and so fast and you can easily progress from one repetition to the next.

Exercise Flexibility

These dumbbells allow you to progress from one exercise to the next without having to constantly change weights and sizes. The dial turns and you can do any number of arms, leg, back or shoulder exercises without having to maneuver the size or weight plates.


The prices of adjustable weights are extremely affordable as you are no longer purchasing multiple sets of weights and sizes. They come in one set and you have an entire series of weights within that one set. They are more expensive than buying one set of weights but a whole lot less expensive than buy multiple sets in multiple sizes.