Musicians working with small marketing budgets still have a variety of marketing opportunities. Here are promotional tips that can be used to publicize house concerts and other local performances.

Develop Radio Station Partnerships

Large radio audiences are still accessible despite the growing popularity of iTunes, satellite services and internet music streaming. Musicians can partner with independent radio stations in exchange for promotion of their house concerts. Offer to co-host a radio segment with one of the station’s popular disc jockeys or personalities.

Agree to add a radio station logo on all other house concert promotion materials accessed by the public. By partnering with radio stations, musicians are able to leverage a radio personality’s built-in audience when promoting house concerts.

Local Music Retail Partnerships have Benefits

Every city and town in the country has different laws regarding signage and promotional material. Musicians can get into a lot of trouble hanging posters or distributing flyers to every passerby in certain shopping and business districts. A direct partnership with one or several retail stores can help musicians avoid potential run-ins with the law.

Ask the managers or store owners to distribute sample CD singles, flyers and other house concert promotion material in their store. The marketing can be done by placing house concert information in a bag during each transaction. Store owners can also display flyers or large posters listing all relevant information for local house concerts. Musicians should add a benefit for retail partnerships such as listing store information on their website or social networking pages.

Display Posters on or near the House Concert Venue

Some house concerts are low key, making it difficult for musicians to cover an entire house with promotional material. Alternatives to this method include posting a sign on the lawn and adding one front window poster for visitors to read. Clear all plans for house concert promotion with the owners of each venue before posting displays on their property.

If concert hosts allow posters and related material to be displayed, post them within seven days prior to the event. Get neighbors involved to ensure that these marketing plans are executed as smoothly as possible. House concert hosts should also be able to relay information on their town’s laws regarding public events in residential areas.

Submit Event Listings to Newspapers

The special nature of house concerts may bring more challenges to unknown musicians who have not built a local fan base. Newspapers provide an inexpensive way music professionals can reach out to large numbers of people.

Get any upcoming house concert dates listed in the events section of newspapers. Event listings are usually free in some daily and weekly publications. Any fees charged for these listings may be similar to classified advertisement orders, which are under $20.