Direct TV offers a high definition “Choice” package that includes free professional installation, a free HD receiver and three free months of Showtime. The package includes 150 or more digital channels and starts at $26.99 a month thru 2011. Direct TV’s Choice Plus package includes 200 or more digital channels, a free HD receiver, free professional installation and three free months of Showtime and Starz. Cost for this package is $34.99 a month thru 2011.

Which HDTV Service is Better Direct TV or Dish Network

Direct TV’s Premiere high definition television package includes free professional installation, a free HD receiver, 35 specialty sports networks, every premium movie channel including HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax. Premiere also comes with 265 or more digital channels and cost $83.99 a month thru 2011. Keep in mind that these packages do not include high speed Internet, wireless or LAN line telephone service. Consumers who only want high definition television might find this service a plus.

Dish Network is another leading service provider for high definition television. Dish Network uses a Solo DVR ViP 612 high definition receiver. As of December 2009, Dish Network was offering three free high definition receivers per customer home at no additional cost. The service is offered in more than 20 different countries and languages.

Premium channels include HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, Pay Per View and Video on Demand. High definition programming sports packages through Dish Network include NFL Red Zone, NBA League Pass, Setanta Sports, College Sports, Cricket and ESPN Full Court. Special Price deals for the Dish Network high definition television packages start at $24.99 a month for 55 channels and go up to $87.98 a month for more than 290 channels.

Does TiVO Offer High Definition Television Service

TiVO’s high definition television service starts at $12.95 a month. The company’s standard high definition DVR cost $249.99. TiVO’s high definition XL DVR cost $499.00. TiVO will ship their high definition DVR to customers after they place an order over the telephone, through a TiVO dealer or by ordering the equipment directly off the Internet. TiVO allows their customers to stream 12,000 Netflix movies and television programs at no additional charge.

When it comes to the pros and cons of dealing with the various high definition television providers, one of the pros for consumers regarding high definition television service providers, is that as the companies continue to compete for customers, prices and package deals might continue to improve.

A con for consumers is that the companies advertising can at times sound better than the service might actually be. Smart shoppers know to talk with current customers at these companies before they either switch their service or sign up for a package deal . An easy way to do this is to visit businesses that use HDTV.

Watch programs on the set from different areas in the room to confirm whether or not the high definition television meets one’s viewing expectations. People who want to purchase a high definition television can also ask their family and friends who already have a set about the benefits and key features that come with their particular HDTV.