Texas Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers for DLP HD televisions. According to Texas Instruments’ official website, the all-digital DLP chip that is inserted in the television allows the screen to emit higher color definition which can make a program appear more alive or more real to the viewer. Unlike LCD screens, DLP projectors do not require a filter to operate.

High Definition Television Response Times

Samsung and Mitsubishi are two vendors that use Texas Instruments’ DLP all-digital chip in their HD televisions. The Samsung HL50A650 DLP high definition television has a 1080 pixel (p) resolution, a USB port and comes with a 50 inch screen. Texas Instruments sells the television at their official website for $1,019 to $1,599. The 73 inch Mitsubishi WD-73735 DLP high definition television has a 1080p resolution and is available from Texas Instruments for $1,899 to $2,699.

According to PC Magazine, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) television sets can create a brighter picture than a plasma television set. Gamers might find HD televisions that come with 1080 pixel resolutions create a better video game picture than HDTVs with lower pixel resolution settings.

CNET reports that Plasma HDTVs have a faster response time than do LCD HDTVs. The best way to find out which high definition television works best with a particular game console is to test the console on an in-store HDTV.

Also be aware that game consoles that are equipped with high definition video graphics array (VGA) connector can produce a higher quality picture than game consoles that have connectors that are not HD compliant. Clerks and cashiers at retailers and game stores like Game Stop, VG Stores, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, P. C. Richard & Son and EB Games can help consumers to locate the best console for their at-home HDTV.

Playing Video Games on a HDTV

Video game enthusiasts or people who are buying new game consoles for someone are encouraged to ask the game store clerk about the pros and cons for each game console. Consumers should also be certain to ask which game console system like the popular X-Box, Play Station or WII game systems, work best with the type of HDTV they are thinking about purchasing.

High definition televisions offer a broad array of pros and benefits. Not only do video games display more clearly across the television screen, Digital Versatile Discs (DVDs) also come across more clearly when using a HDTV. As with most product purchases whether or not to choose to buy a LCD, DLP or plasma HD television comes down to what the user wants to gain most from the product. Price ranges for the HDTVs are generally similar by type according to size.

Some shopping malls like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s popular Franklin Mills Mall have WII agents who operate WII game systems on a large screen at the mall. This allows consumers and potential customers to evaluate how the games functions and look on a high definition television.