Half-Breed Characters In World Of Warcraft

Role playing a half-breed character should be done carefully so as not to irritate other players, but when done well, can provide a myriad of new possibilities for interesting stories and situations.

Possible Combinations – Common Half-Breeds in WoW

While in theory any combination of races would be a possibility, some are more likely than others:

Orc/draenei – as both races are from Draenor, where they coexisted quite peacefully before the Burning Legion, it is possible that they may have procreated. However, the only known orc/draenei is Garona
Human/high elf – possibly the most likely cross as humans have had good relations with the elves
Human/ogres – ogres made their way into Azerother 24 years ago so young adult half-breeds may exist
It is worth noting that it high elves generally abandon half-elven offspring, and so any character which is half-elven would most likely have been raised by its other parent.

Unlikely Combinations of Race in WoW

There are a few unlikely combinations which should be steered clear of if players want to keep their character within the lore:

Blood elf with any other race – as blood elves only came into existence a few years ago, they haven’t yet had time to mix with other races to the extent of producing children.
Night elf with any other race would also be unlikely as only a short period of time has passed since the Horde and Alliance joined forces with the night elves. Any half-night elves would most likely be young children.
There are no records of any gnome, troll, tauren or dwarf half breeds.
Regarding the new playable races introduced with the Cataclysm expansion, there are no records of goblin half breeds, and the worgen are cursed humans – whether or not the curse would spread to children born after the curse had taken effect has not yet been determined.

In-Game/Lore Half-Breeds

Garona Halforcen is a half-orc half-draenei, though others believe she is half-human, including herself. Her birth was arranged by the orc Gul’dan, who ‘bred’ one of his warriors to a draenei female.
Feulia is a half-night elf half-human archer who was a member of a group of treasure hunters in the book RPG book Shadows & Light.
Drann was a half-orc half-human who was also featured in Shadows & Light.
Twins Giramar and Galdarin are the half-high elf half-human sons of elf ranger Vereesa Windrunner and human mage Rhonin.
Lantresor of the Blade is a half-draenei, half-orc blademaster and leader of the Boulderfist clan of Outland.
Apothecary Oni’jus is a forsaken working for the Royal Apothecary Society in Undercity who was once a half-elf half-human.
Finnall Goldensword is the daughter of high elf sorceress Kilnar Goldensword of Dalaran and an unknown human, rumored to be Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore. She is unusual among half-elves in that she has been fully accepted into elven society because of her mother’s status.

Adding Depth To A Half-Breed

One thing to consider when playing a half-breed is where the character’s loyalties will lie. If they are forsaken the chances are that their allegiance is solely to Sylvanas, but other characters may have split or conflicting loyalties.

Appearance is also important. The player may have a half-orc half-human, but because of the limitations of the game that character will look either orc or human, and will only be able to communicate with one faction. In lore, half-orcs usually have an orc-like appearance, but played well, a character could be struggling with loyalty to the human parent conflicting with loyalty to the Horde.

Another thing to consider is costume. If a half-breed was raised solely by one parent they will probably dress in the style of that race. If a character that appears human is actually half-elf, and is dressed in elven clothes, it will immediately draw attention and create a good starting point for role play.

Do’s And Don’t’s

Do research the lore before creating a half-breed character
Don’t overdo it – a badly played half-breed will be looked on with as much derision as the princess-vampire-long-lost-son-of-Arthas type characters that pop up, usually around Stormwind, every now and then
Don’t force the character’s heritage on every other character it meets – a simple comment about an unusual appearance in an RP add-on will usually suffice to spark the interest of other role players

And Finally…

While these rules can provide a base for half-breed role play the player will have to decide for themselves when the best time to introduce their character is, and how much they make of the heritage of their character. Done badly, a half-breed can be annoying and irritating to other players, but done well it can add a new level to role play.