Straight hair and curly hair need different types of hair treatments, and learning how to take care of your hair type is important. Straight and curly hair react in different ways to light, products and hair care; getting the best look for hair involves knowing what type of hair care regimen to use. Proper hair care is the easiest way to get gorgeous, easily styled and healthy locks that are sure to turn heads.

Products for Curly Hair – Curly Hair Shampoo

Shampooing curly hair the right way can help it shine, retain its curls and stay strong and healthy. Choose a type of shampoo specially formulated for curly hair, as it will help keep curly hair looking great. For a more natural curl, avoid using shampoo for at least two days out of the week.

Over time, hair products like shampoo, hairspray and conditioners can leave a film of product on curls that weigh them down and cause them to become lackluster and dull. Skipping shampoo will allow hair to completely shed the buildup of product. Honey hair treatments are also available for curly hair.

To get a deep, natural clean that helps remove hair products from curly hair, wash hair once every other week with white vinegar. White vinegar will strip hairspray and chemicals from hair without damaging or drying it.

Products for Curly Hair – Deep Conditioning for Curly Hair

Deep condition curly hair at least once a week to give it a rich shine. It can be more difficult to make curly hair look shiny and healthy, because light reflects differently off of curls. Ensuring that curly hair is naturally lustrous will help it catch the light more easily. Deep conditioning treatments can help give hair shine.

Use a leave-in conditioner to help keep hair smooth and curled during the day. Leave-in conditioners will add an extra burst of shine to curly hair that will keep it looking gorgeous all day.

Straight Hair Products – Straight Hair Shampoo

Keeping straight hair from becoming dull and stringy can be a challenge. Use a shampoo that is specially formulated for keeping straight hair healthy and manageable. As with curly hair, straight hair can suffer from a build-up of products and chemicals. Wash hair with white vinegar once a week to keep straight hair glossy. Finish off showers with a brief burst of cold water to close the hair follicles and make it smooth and shiny.

Honey hair treatments can work well on straight hair, too, by keeping hair strong and healthy. Healthy hair is easier to keep straight, style and it will look better. Whether hair is naturally straight or needs to be flat ironed, keeping it strong will ensure that it looks glossy and keeps its shape.

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Straight Hair Treatment – Keeping Hair Straight

High heat helps keep hair straight, but it also does more damage to hair over time. Comb hair at different angles before blow-drying it to give it more volume without having to use as much product. Use a blow drier on the highest setting to dry hair more quickly and limit the damage. Finish drying hair with a straightener or flat iron.

Brush hair with a hairbrush that has nylon and boar bristles to keep straight hair looking smooth and shiny. Boar bristles help to spread the hair’s natural oils throughout the hair and keep it naturally glossy looking, and nylon bristles smooth out hair and reduce frizz.

Getting great looking, healthy hair is simple. Proper hair care will keep both straight and curly hair looking its best, and make it easy to style and maintain. Additionally, regular haircuts can help prevent split ends and keep hair growing evenly.