Forensic Science for Beginners

Forensic Science for Beginners


Everyone has become an expert at forensic science; everyone has ideas on profiling, on fingerprints, on DNA evidence and on crime scene investigations.

Maybe it all began when OJ Simpson went tearing down the freeway in that white Bronco with the whole world watching? Since that trial courtroom evidence became living room entertainment and café gossip.

Cracker, CSI, Court TV

Of course, television blockbusting shows like Cracker and the CSI Trilogy and the popularity of Court TV and the Crime and Investigation Channel have brought a large range of forensic science topics into our living rooms. And uptake at forensic science courses at colleges and universities have boomed.

It is no wonder that many people actually want to know more about forensic science and crime scene investigations. They understand that there is more to criminal profiling than Silence of the Lambs and Cracker and want to really know more about many issues like the difference between ordinary DNA and Mitochondrial DNA.

Forensic Science, Crime Scene Investigations and Pathology

ExploreForensics is a United Kingdom based website that offers a unique reference point on forensic science, crime scene investigations and pathology. The features and articles are written by professional journalists and experts who have a particular interest or a background in this area. ExploreForensics also has a monthly newsletter.

Most topics on this website are covered: computer forensics, forensic accounting, DNA Fingerprinting, blood types, ballistics, criminal profiling and much more.

Crime Scene Investigations

One of the focal points of crime scene investigations, is evidence collecting. These detailed and well-written articles deal with:

Bloodstains, soil stains and tire tracks
Establishing a crime scene
Forensic photography
Medico-legal photography
Recording and preserving a crime scene

Forensic Psychology – Criminal Profiling

Since Silence of the Lambs and Cracker the area of forensic science that most seems to fascinate people is criminal profiling. Popular fiction has also produced memorable profilers. This discipline usually falls into the category of forensic psychology.

David Webb has a very accessible forensic psychology website where he talks about his own work with forensic odontologists (bite-mark experts) and offers a substantial body of articles on the vast topic or forensic psychology and criminal profiling.

Amateur sleuths, aspirant writers and students of forensic science and criminal justice can read about jury selection, eyewitness memory, false confessions and psychopaths discussed as well as careers in criminal justice and forensic science.

Good Understanding of Forensic Science

These two websites will give the layperson a good grounding and understanding of forensic science, especially those who are interested in forensic psychology and criminal profiling. Both have credible and accessible articles by recognized experts that will surely make the curious explore this fascinating topic even more.