Ford’s Next-Gen Technologies Help Stress-Free Parking

Ford’s Next-Gen Technologies Help Stress-Free Parking


Ford is always the front runner in technology and lately the auto giant has eased stress parking. It has come up with next-gen driver assistance feature to overcome collision and wrong way driving too.

Manager for driver-assist and active safety at Ford, Scott Lindstrom, said the company wants to go a long way towards making car driving more convenient and much safer than what exists today.

He added the new assistance technologies will help everyone to be a better driver as the next-gen tool is capable of seeing and sensing the road.

Ford has been investing heavily in research and development for past several years and now it is paying off by accelerated innovation and expanding the portfolio of driver-assist technologies.

The new tool has cross-traffic alerts with braking technology. This means drivers will be warned if an object or a passenger passes behind the vehicle first and immediately implement the brake automatically if fail to get response from the driver.

Ford has also included a rear wide-view camera to help drivers to view better what is behind the car.

The enhanced active parking assist will help drivers to park parallel and perpendicular. The evasive steering assist will help to avoid stopped or slower vehicles.

Apart from all these, wrong-way alert technology will inform drivers if the vehicle is being driven against traffic. The feature uses a windshield-mounted camera and information from the navigation system of the car.