Give Them a Reason to Take Action

People want to know exactly what response they need to make if they’re interested in a product. This information should be clearly stated on the flyer along with contact information. Even better – give them an incentive to act immediately such as a special bonus if they call within a certain time period. People need motivation to take action.

For a Flyer That Sells, Aim for Simplicity

Don’t clutter up a flyer by adding too much information. This confuses the reader and keeps them from taking action. Use brief, action oriented sentences, bold fonts, and leave plenty of white space between the sentences to avoid confusion. Be bold and to the point, but effective.

Don’t Forget the Pertinent Points for an Effective Flyer

It would be a shame to design an effective flyer and forget to include contact information. Always include a phone number, email address, and website. The website should have a catchy, easy-to-remember domain, not a URL that’s impossible to remember.

And finally – distribute them far and wide in high traffic areas where people can see them. Nothing beats an effective flyer for low cost advertising.